マリンは、1913年に英国に設立されたに英国・国際フィッシュ・アンド・チップス協会(The British National Federation of Fish Friers) の役員を顧問に迎え、同協会より正式認証を受けたアジア唯一のお店です。マリンでは、本場イギリスの味を忠実に再現するために、公式レシピを用いるのはもちろん、様々な調理器具も、その多くを本場イギリスから取り寄せています。また、一部のスタッフは、英国・国際フィッシュ・アンド・チップス協会でトレーニングするなど“英国オリジナル”にこだわったフィッシュ&チップスをご提供しています。


About Malins

Malins was born from three Fish and Chip enthusiasts, one British and two Japanese. The foundations for the business were laid in 2013 for the inaugural shop, which will be Japan’s very first Fish and Chip Shop, which opened in July 2014 in Roppongi, Tokyo.
The Malins team set out to accomplish two essential objectives. To provide Japan with a truly British, authentic Fish and Chip shop - one that the queen herself would be proud of! The other objective is to deliver the best tasting products, the best in the world, using only the finest ingredients.
Central to our finest ingredients is our responsibly sourced fish from a national heritage spot in Japan. The fresh fish is then given a light layer of our secret batter mix before being fried the traditional way, by our expert fryers from the UK. Sustainability and quality will never be compromised at Malins.
The Malins business grew OUT of the UK – an important point when you consider that Malins is introducing Japan to the first and best, authentic British Fish and Chips in the world.
From our training with the National Federation of Fish Fryers (NFFF, a 100 year old trade association for fish and chips in the UK), to the recruitment of our British expert Chef’s and advisors, the only thing about Malins that’s not British is the location!
The Malins team are passionate about Fish and Chips and are on a mission to make this Great British dish available to everyone in Japan.


We are Malins mascot characters. The boys name is Mr.Chip and the girls name is Miss. Malins.
"We would like to see you at our shop"
"Please stop by and let us know if you would like your order open or wrapped"

当店は、1913年に英国に設立された、英国国際フィッシュ・アンドチップス協会(The British National Federation of Fish Friers)アジア初の正式認証第一号店です。

当店は、1913年に英国に設立された、英国国際フィッシュ・アンドチップス協会(The British National Federation of Fish Friers)アジア初の正式認証第一号店です。